we offer our customers the best services for their projects

we had transfeered our business from Europe to canada BC Richmond

our business is trusted boat repair service , Specializing in high-quality service, at the acceptaple cost, for Yachts,fishing boats, tugboats, barges, Commercial boats, wind craft Powering Energy projects

we make sure all of our employee have all the experience before they start work with us and we will give them more information about  Confined Space safety course before they start on our projects.
This Confined Space safety course helps workers become aware of the hazards associated with confined space entry and offers complete information on how employees can safely conduct their activities within these narrow spaces. The latter are categorized into several typologies, which are then used to illustrate the types of personal protection equipment required in each instance.
In addition, the training expands on MSDS (material safety data sheet) precautions and the dangers inherent to working with or around wastewater. The program also provides details on safety protocols in case of emergency exit or crisis situations.




we offer our customers the best services for their Yacht Projects and with free consultation

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