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At Sansoon Yacht Services we take pride in being a fully licenced and new established company based in Richmond BC. Prior to that we worked in Europe for 18 years  .

Fiberglass & Gelcoat Repair Richmond BC

Our mobile service understands the urgency of a situation, extending professional support, presenting unmatchable convenience and offering value for money. These are some of the key bases we focus on when providing our clients with marine services.we provide the best sevices as wood varnish.




A deep dive into the world of yacht paints
Above and below the waterline there are a wide variety of coatings working hard to keep your yacht looking and performing its best. “Yacht paint” is the umbrella term for all these coatings used as protection and decoration from bow to stern. These coatings include primers, undercoats, topcoats, varnishes, fouling control, coatings for propellers, topside paints, bottom paints… with so many options, it is easy to feel all at sea.




The ultimate guide to yacht paint to protect and decorate
There are as many yacht paints as there are surfaces on your vessel. To make it simpler we have broken them down into three categories: above the waterline, below the waterline, and wood care. Ultimately you want your boat to look good, but paint is also essential to:
Protect wood from weathering and rot – only maintained woodwork will withstand the elements, sun, and water exposure
Protect aluminium and steel against corrosion – a strong risk where metal and water come together
Protect fibreglass against osmosis – the blistering and weakening caused by water absorption.

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